November 11, 2019

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Yale student environmentalists are encouraged to apply for paid student jobs at the Yale Office of Sustainability. Being partly responsible for the creation of the Office of Sustainability in 2005, the Yale Student Environmental Coalition has maintained a close working relationship with the Office ever since.

Available positions can be found here

A variety of student jobs are available for undergraduates:

  • College Sustainability Coordinators – each represents his or her residential college and helps to promote sustainability efforts.
  • Materials Management – tries to improves waste management and user behavior, maximizing recycling and composting.
  • Energy Squad – addresses questions of energy consumption, raising awareness among students about basic energy issues.
  • Green Events Team – use the Yale Green Event Certification program to make student events more sustainable.
  • Research Assistants – work on multiple issues, such as fleet rightsizing, external partnerships, and more.
  • Bulldog Sustainability – partnering with Yale Athletics, students work to integrate sustainability into athletic operations, staff and student behavior, and sporting events.