November 11, 2019

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– The YSEC Executive Board



YSEC is the place to meet other people committed to the environmental movement, and to be involved with projects that make a real difference on campus and in the world. Many of the institutions we take for granted at Yale, from the EVST Undergraduate Program to the Office of Sustainability and the Yale Sustainable Food Project to the freshman pre-orientation programs were conceived of, advocated for, and incubated by students. Students throughout YSEC’s history have tackled issues of recycling, campus sustainability, environmental justice, corporate irresponsibility, and more.

We would love to build our network of YSEC alumni. Let us know who you are, what you did with YSEC, and where you are now. Contact the board via email, join the YSEC Alumni LinkedIn group, or else like us on Facebook and join the YSEC Facebook Conversation.