YSEC on Wheels!

We have to give a HUGE shout-out to our friends at Wesleyan. Last year, two YSECers attended Wesleyan’s sustainable landscape design charrette and got to be involved with one of the first steps towards bringing a comprehensive sustainable landscaping plan to the Wesleyan campus. Exactly one year later, they invited a group of YSECers back to Middletown to view the progress they had made on their plans. Through dialogues with students, the administration, and professional landscape architects, and under the guidance of a student-run studio design class, WILDWes has made huge steps towards making Wesleyan the first university to incorporate principles of permaculture into their campus.

We attended one of their weekly workdays, where we spent an absolutely beautiful winter day sheet-mulching, seeing final renderings, and hearing about the students’ amazing work.

Keep checking back for future collaborations with Wesleyan, landscape management campaign updates, and other field trips. As always, if you have a suggestion for a project or an event, let us know!

About Yale Student Environmental Coalition

Yale Student Environmental Coalition (YSEC) is the umbrella organization of environmental groups in Yale College.
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